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6S- Lead Assessor Certification Course

An effective 6S Workplace Management System is a mandatory requirement for all organizations irrespective of their basic philosophies like TQM, TPM, Business Excellence, Lean Management etc. It is regarded as the first step towards war on waste. 6S is not a list of action items that has to be reviewed at some interval of time. Instead, it has to be practiced as a daily activity, which requires concentration, dedication and devotion for sustaining it and ultimately making it a company-wide culture. 6S is a culture that has to be built in to any organization which aims for spontaneous and continuous improvement of working environment and working conditions. It involves everyone in the organization from the top level to bottom.

Main objective of 6S lead assessor course is to:

1. Build the required skills, capabilities and competencies for carrying out assessments on 6S practices in an organization and evaluating the status against established benchmarks leading to award of marks / rating / grading.
2. To make the participants of this course understand clearly the concepts of 6S Workplace Management System against the backdrop of globalization and the necessity of industries to adopt 6S as the foundation of further activities leading to growth and achieving excellence.
3. To enable the participants acquire both technical knowledge and practical skills essential to become a competent lead assessor of 6S practices in organizations.

Who Should Attend:

1. CEOs and Senior team leaders from Industries who wish to make company garden Green – hospital clean
and its alignment towards achieving business growth
2. Professionals & Practitioners 6S auditors who wish to enhance their auditing skills
3. Quality & Lean Personnel
4. Managers, Engineers & Management Representatives from Production, Quality, HR,PPC etc.
5. Internal auditors in companies
6. Quality professionals interested in conducting first-party, second-party, and/or third-party audits.
7. Team members responsible from Operational Excellence/ Business Excellence verticals

Key Take Aways:

1. Thorough Understanding of 6S and importance of 6S for organizational growth
2. Attributes and skills Required for the Assessor
3. Methodologies of Implementing Each - S
4. Step by step implementation of Each-S
5. How to Prepare Check list of Each - S
6. Criteria for the assessment on 6s & How to carry out assessment of Organization
7. How to Improve the current status of Organization
8. How to Assess the Gap and plan for improvement
9. Go through different aspects of 6S and preparation of Standards to make company shining
10. Knowledge of sustaining 6S in the organization

Key Takeaways: Thorough Understanding of 6S and import... Target Group: CEOs and Senior team leaders from Indust...

  • Course Introduction
  • Watch: Course Intro
  • Read: Course Intro
  • Module 1
  • Watch: Module 1.1
  • Read: Introduction about 6S Lead Assessor Course
  • Watch: Module 1.2
  • Read: Benefit of 6s and 6s Overview
  • Progress Check: 1
  • Module 2
  • Watch: Module 2.1
  • Read: What is 1s and Steps of Implementing 1s
  • Watch: Module 2.2
  • Read: Red Tag Strategy & Red tag Review
  • Watch: Module 2.3
  • Read: Disposal Method , Red Tag Case study & Management Action on Redtag
  • Watch: Module 2.4
  • Read: Worst Point Photographs & Fixed Point Photographs
  • Progress Check: 2
  • Module 3
  • Watch: Module 3.1
  • Read: Understanding of 2S and Objective of 2S
  • Watch: Module 3.2
  • Read: Methodology to implement 2S
  • Watch: Module 3.3
  • Read: Brief on Deciding Appropriate Location with Case Study
  • Watch: Module 3.4
  • Read: Brief on Identifying Location with Case Study
  • Watch: Module 3.5
  • Read: Examples of 2S
  • Progress Check: 3
  • Module 4
  • Watch: Module 4.1
  • Read: Understanding of 3S and Objective of 3S
  • Watch: Module 4.2
  • Read: Methodology to implement 3S
  • Watch: Module 4.3
  • Read: Preventive Measures & Good Examples of 3S
  • Watch: Module 4.4
  • Read: Understanding of 4S and Objective of 4S
  • Watch: Module 4.5
  • Read: Benefit of 4S and What is it to be Standardized
  • Progress Check: 4
  • Module 5
  • Watch: Module 5.1
  • Read: Understanding of 5S & Objective of 5S
  • Watch: Module 5.2
  • Read: Methodology to implement 5S & Holding Gains
  • Watch: Module 5.3
  • Read: Review and Measure & Factors in Implementing 5S
  • Watch: Module 5.4
  • Read: Understanding of 6S and Facts about Accident
  • Watch: Module 5.5
  • Read: Categories of Accident , Unsafe Act and Unsafe Conditions
  • Watch: Module 5.6
  • Read: How to Ensure safety 5E Method
  • Progress Check: 5
  • Module 6
  • Watch: Module 6.1
  • Read: Difference Between Audit and Assessment, Types of Assessment...
  • Watch: Module 6.2
  • Read: Guidelines for Scoring , 1S , 2S and 3S Audit Check List
  • Watch: Module 6.3
  • Read: 4S , 5S and 6S Audit Check List
  • Progress Check: 6
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed