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The Performance Mindset

At work, we are under pressure, always-on, information overloaded and dealing with competing distractions. In short, our attention is under siege. As a result, research shows we are distracted 47% of the time. This negatively impacts our ability to perform.

The Performance Mindset program delivers science-based mind training practices and work habits that cultivate calm, clear, and focused minds resulting in greater performance of people, teams, and organizations.

We strongly recommend that participants download the Potential Project mobile app, available both on iOS and Android, to start to train your mind using guided instructions for 10 mins daily. This will serve as a good companion on your learning journey. The app is downloadable here:

Key takeaways

In addition to the science-backed mind training, you will also learn many practical work techniques, such as how to effectively prioritize, take control of digital distractions, manage email communications, and host and participate in purposeful meetings.

Given that multiple employees would be undertaking this program as a cohort, cultivating a strong foundation of focus and self-awareness at an individual level can result in creating effective work rituals for teams and the company as a whole, resulting in more productivity, clarity and performance.

The Performance Mindset program is underpinned by neuroscience and includes mind training tools and techniques directly applicable to core workplace activities and demands, for immediate beneficial outcomes.

Who should subscribe?

Any organization who would like to bring mental effectiveness programs to help its employees and leaders manage their work-life with more focus, clarity, and self-awareness, can sign up for this program.

This program is applicable for all industry sectors and is especially relevant if your employees and leaders face high complexity, increased pressure, information overload and competing priorities, resulting in a feeling of being rushed, under-productive and distracted most of the time.

A minimum batch size of 10 users is expected per organization to make it effective at a batch level and foster habit change.

Faculty Profile

Our programs are delivered by Jacqueline Carter, International Partner and Director North America, and Rasmus Hougaard, Founder & Managing Director, Potential Project, in a series of pre-recorded videos and podcasts that participants will watch and hear, along with articles, quizzes and assessments.

Rasmus Hougaard:

Rasmus Hougaard is the founder and Managing Director of Potential Project and the author of the ground-breaking and best-selling book by Harvard Business Press, “The Mind of the Leader”. Rasmus is nominated by Thinkers50 as one of the eight most important leadership thinkers in the world today. He writes for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Business Insider. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and leadership developer who coaches and supports C-suite executives at global organizations such as IKEA, Accenture, Google, and Unilever.

Jacqueline Carter:

Jacqueline Carter helps leaders and organizations to enhance performance, resilience, and innovation by understanding and training the mind. She works with corporations including Cisco, Accenture, Marriott, and Bank of America to embed new ways of working with greater focus, clarity, and results. Jacqueline is the co-author of “The Mind of the Leader” published by Harvard Business Review Press in March 2018 and of the book “

Key Takeaways: Science-backed mind training Target Group: Working professionals

  • Week 1 - Introduction to the Performance Mindset
  • INTRO: Introduction to the Performance Mindset
  • WATCH: Introduction to Mindfulness (29min)
  • WATCH: Three Components of the Program (2 min)
  • READ: Powering Up Productivity with Mindfulness (2 min)
  • PRACTICE: Attention Training - Basic Practice (10 min)
  • SURVEY: Post Practice Week 1
  • QUIZ: Week 1 Knowledge Check
  • SUMMARY: Performance Mindset
  • Week 2 – Mental Effectiveness 7d
  • INTRO: Mental Effectiveness
  • WATCH: Introduction to Mental Effectiveness (10 min)
  • WATCH: Neurology of Mindfulness (3 min)
  • READ: Working with Mindfulness: Overcoming the Urge to Multitask (2 min)
  • READ: The Anatomy of Mindfulness (2 min)
  • PRACTICE: Attention Training: Relaxation (10 min)
  • SURVEY: Post Practice Week 2
  • QUIZ: Week 2 Knowledge Check
  • SUMMARY: Mental Effectiveness
  • Assignment
  • ASSIGNMENT: Video Assignment
  • Week 3 - Priorities & Patience 14d
  • INTRO: Priorities & Patience
  • WATCH: Mental Strategy: Patience (3 min)
  • PRACTICE: Attention Training - Focus (10 min)
  • WATCH: Workplace Technique: Priorities (5 min)
  • READ: How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day (2 min)
  • SURVEY: Post Practice Week 3
  • QUIZ: Week 3 Knowledge Check
  • SUMMARY: Priorities and Patience
  • Week 4 - Emails & Beginner's Mind 21d
  • INTRO: Emails & Beginner's Mind
  • WATCH: Mental Strategy - Beginner’s Mind (4 min)
  • PRACTICE: Mind Training - Clarity (10 min)
  • SURVEY: Post Practice Week 4
  • WATCH: Workplace Technique - Emails (7 min)
  • READ: Five Tips for Mindfully Managing Emails (2 min)
  • QUIZ: Week 4 Knowledge check
  • SUMMARY: Emails and Beginners's Mind
  • Week 5 - Meetings, Performance Breaks, Acceptance & Moving Forward 28d
  • INTRO: Meetings, Performance Breaks, Acceptance & Moving Forward
  • WATCH: Mental Strategy - Acceptance (4 min)
  • PRACTICE: Awareness Training - Open Awareness (10 min)
  • SURVEY: Post Practice Week 5
  • WATCH: Labeling (1 min)
  • WATCH: Workplace Technique - Meetings (4 min)
  • WATCH: Workplace Technique: Performance Breaks (4 min)
  • QUIZ: Week 5 Knowledge Check
  • SUMMARY: Meetings, Performance Breaks, Acceptance
  • Assignment
  • ASSIGNMENT: Video Assignment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed