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Health / Hygiene/ Safety at Workplace

Focusing on health is very important in the workplace. At least 46% of the workforce suffers from health issues. Exercising and being active is a vital part of living healthy and has many benefits. This module explains the importance of health and maintaining proper health.
Aspects pertaining to exercise, nutrition and sleep are addressed. The importance of maintaining proper posture in the workplace is stressed. How to go about with a health-check is incorporated in the module.

Take away Points Health Module

 Focusing on health is essential to avoid diseases
 People spend a large portion of their life at work, and it can impact on their well-being in good and bad ways
 Regular physical exercise will reduce the incidence of diseases and makes a person more productive
 Regular health check-ups help to identify health issues earlier

The hygiene module explains the importance and ways to maintain hygiene at the workplace. Maintaining hygiene at the workplace is an important part of employee protection. Better hygiene practices result in better health of employees. An overview of how diseases spread is provided. A few do’s and don’ts have to be followed when it comes to maintaining hygiene at the workplace.

Take away points Hygiene Module

 Personal hygiene is an individual responsibility.
 The management supports the same by providing the right infrastructure and creating a culture of hygiene.
 To prevent spread of infectious diseases, it is necessary to break the chain of transmission.
 Spreading of these infectious diseases can be stopped by putting into action a plan/ strategy that can be followed by the employees.
 This plan of action should be put forth by the management and made sure it is followed.
 To make a better workplace, it is necessary to follow a strategy that puts hygiene as a priority.


The safety module explains the importance and ways to implement safety at the workplace. The goal of effective safety implementation is to prevent injury, illnesses and deaths. The key health-related safety risks in manufacturing are explained. Safety gears are essential to ensure safety and this module explains a proper way to use the safety gears to ensure a maximum level of protection. Providing first-aid and some tips, when faced with an emergency, are an integral part of the module.

Take away points Safety Module

 Safety is everyone’s responsibility
 By proactively identifying and eliminating/minimizing hazards, we can make the workplace safer
 Only when all concerned work together we will have a safer workplace
 There are reasons why ‘rules’ have been laid down and it is important that we all adhere to the same to ensure our safety
 It is impossible to predict an emergency hence it is always necessary to have a first aid kit at the workplace with necessary inclusions
 It is necessary to have a plan-of-action to face an emergency

Key Takeaways: Health, Hygiene, Safety Target Group: Working professionals

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