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Losses and efficiency Calculation - TPM Way

This course enables you to have clear understanding about losses and JIPM way of OEE calculation.
It also helps you to understand Kobetsu Kaizen approach to improve profitability.

Who should attend:
Shopfloor Leaders, Kobetsu Kaizen pillar members, Managers, TPM Coordinators.

Key Takeaways:
Understanding of losses in organization, Calculation of OEE, Understand Kobetsu Kaizen Approach,
How to make Kobetsu Kaizen Plan.

Key Takeaways: Understanding of losses in organization,... Target Group: Shopfloor Leaders, Kobetsu Kaizen pillar...

  • Watch: Course Introduction
  • Watch: Module 1
  • Read: Module 1
  • Watch: Module 2
  • Read: Module 2
  • Watch: Module 3
  • Read: Module 3
  • Watch: Module 4
  • Read: Module 4
  • Knowledge Check
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed